Article: RENO

- thickness: 1.4 - 1.6 mm

- average size per hide: Approx. 60 sq.ft.


RENO is made from selected West European hides. It is protected with a strong environmental friendly pigmented finish which emphasize it's natural texture and attractive pebbled grain. This highly durable leather is ideal for high traffic areas with an outstanding performance.

RENO meets the highest European standards for semi aniline upholstery leathers. Fire retardancy meets BS5852 part 1 for cigarette and match test.

  • RE-1008 Black
    RE-1008 Black
  • RE-1048 Anthrazit
    RE-1048 Anthrazit
  • RE-1047 Platin
    RE-1047 Platin
  • RE-1000 Beige
    RE-1000 Beige
  • RE-1005 Blau
    RE-1005 Blau
  • RE-1075 Azurblau
    RE-1075 Azurblau
  • RE-1074 Zeder
    RE-1074 Zeder
  • RE-1004 Green
    RE-1004 Green
  • RE-1073 Burgundy
    RE-1073 Burgundy
  • RE-1040 Ferrariot
    RE-1040 Ferrariot
  • RE-1070 Warmred (TT)
    RE-1070 Warmred (TT)
  • RE-1043 Terracotta
    RE-1043 Terracotta
  • RE-1049 Curry (TT)
    RE-1049 Curry (TT)
  • RE-1003 Rost
    RE-1003 Rost
  • RE-1007 Braun
    RE-1007 Braun
  • RE-1046 Marone (TT)
    RE-1046 Marone (TT)
  • RE-1006 Dark Brown
    RE-1006 Dark Brown
  • RE-1050 Weiss
    RE-1050 Weiss
  • RE-1072 Creme
    RE-1072 Creme
  • RE-1051 Bisque
    RE-1051 Bisque
  • RE-1042 Alabaster
    RE-1042 Alabaster
  • RE-1002 Sand
    RE-1002 Sand