- thickness: 0.9 - 1.3 mm

- average size per hide: Approx. 54 sq.ft.

AMBASSADOR is made of predominantly cattle hides of central European origin. Chromed-tanned, drum-through dyed. Coated, technically advance specially formulated protective finish for aircraft applications. Natural grain and flame proofed during tanning.
  • AM-15100 Black
    AM-15100 Black
  • AM-15063 Charcoal
    AM-15063 Charcoal
  • AM-15065 Dark Grey
    AM-15065 Dark Grey
  • AM-15098 Dove
    AM-15098 Dove
  • AM-15006 Silver
    AM-15006 Silver
  • AM-15095 Driftwood
    AM-15095 Driftwood
  • AM-15114 Stone
    AM-15114 Stone
  • AM-15057 Bluemist
    AM-15057 Bluemist
  • AM-15053 Porcelain
    AM-15053 Porcelain
  • AM-15077 Mercury
    AM-15077 Mercury
  • AM-15067 Mushroom
    AM-15067 Mushroom
  • AM-15137 Bleu Austral
    AM-15137 Bleu Austral
  • AM-15099 Marine
    AM-15099 Marine
  • AM-15136 Decor Blue
    AM-15136 Decor Blue
  • AM-15022 Azure
    AM-15022 Azure
  • AM-15122 Ink
    AM-15122 Ink
  • AM-15143 Antlantic Blue
    AM-15143 Antlantic Blue
  • AM-15035 Horizon
    AM-15035 Horizon
  • AM-15013 Ocean
    AM-15013 Ocean
  • AM-15160 Met Blue
    AM-15160 Met Blue
  • AM-15162 Forest
    AM-15162 Forest
  • AM-15161 Petrol
    AM-15161 Petrol
  • AM-15023 Oxblood
    AM-15023 Oxblood
  • AM-15164 Cherry
    AM-15164 Cherry
  • AM-15163 Red
    AM-15163 Red
  • AM-15092 Caramel
    AM-15092 Caramel
  • AM-15026 Musk
    AM-15026 Musk
  • AM-15025 Bisquit
    AM-15025 Bisquit
  • AM-15015 Chamois
    AM-15015 Chamois
  • AM-15008 Creme
    AM-15008 Creme
  • AM-15068 Natural
    AM-15068 Natural
  • AM-15093 Fresco
    AM-15093 Fresco
  • AM-15052 Snowcom
    AM-15052 Snowcom
  • AM-15055 Glacier
    AM-15055 Glacier
  • AM-15054 Camargue
    AM-15054 Camargue