- thickness: 1.0 mm

- width: 54 inches (137 cm)



C K FLAME BLOCKER, complied with BS 7176 : 1995 Amendment No. 1 : 2003 medium hazard.

Manufactured for the following applications:-

Home Furnishings: Living/Family Room, Dinette and Recliner Use

Commercial Upholstery: Office and Dormitory/Hotel, Restaurant and Hospitality

Automotive: Trucks and Van seating

  • CK-301 Shell
    CK-301 Shell
  • CK-302 Adobe White
    CK-302 Adobe White
  • CK-303 Lemon
    CK-303 Lemon
  • CK-304 Parchment
    CK-304 Parchment
  • CK-305 Lemon Forst
    CK-305 Lemon Forst
  • CK-306 Sand
    CK-306 Sand
  • CK-307 Bone
    CK-307 Bone
  • CK-308 Alabaster
    CK-308 Alabaster
  • CK-309 Dusty Jade
    CK-309 Dusty Jade
  • CK-310 Silver Fox
    CK-310 Silver Fox
  • CK-311 Camel
    CK-311 Camel
  • CK-312 Toast
    CK-312 Toast
  • CK-313 Burnt Orange
    CK-313 Burnt Orange
  • CK-314 Emerald
    CK-314 Emerald
  • CK-315 Yew Green
    CK-315 Yew Green
  • CK-316 Tea Rose
    CK-316 Tea Rose
  • CK-317 American Beauty
    CK-317 American Beauty
  • CK-318 Claret
    CK-318 Claret
  • CK-319 Burgundy
    CK-319 Burgundy
  • CK-320 Blackberry
    CK-320 Blackberry
  • CK-321 Imperial Blue
    CK-321 Imperial Blue
  • CK-322 Royal
    CK-322 Royal
  • CK-323 Mocha
    CK-323 Mocha
  • CK-324 Espresso
    CK-324 Espresso
  • CK-325 Black
    CK-325 Black
  • CK-326 White
    CK-326 White
  • CK-327 Wood Rose
    CK-327 Wood Rose
  • CK-328 Gunmetal
    CK-328 Gunmetal
  • CK-329 Regatta Blue
    CK-329 Regatta Blue
  • CK-330 Tiger Lily
    CK-330 Tiger Lily
  • CK-331 Crocus
    CK-331 Crocus
  • CK-332 Champagne
    CK-332 Champagne
  • CK-333 Musk
    CK-333 Musk