Article: BULLOCK

- thickness: 0.8 mm

- width: 54 inches (137 cm)



Manufactured for the following applications:-

Home Furnishings: Living/Family Room, Dinette and Recliner Use

Commercial Upholstery: Office and Dormitory/Hotel, Restaurant and Hospitality

Automotive: Trucks and Van seating

  • B-837 Dusty Jade
    B-837 Dusty Jade
  • B-802 Oak
    B-802 Oak
  • B-888 Port
    B-888 Port
  • B-856 Tomato
    B-856 Tomato
  • B854 Egg Shell
    B854 Egg Shell
  • B-853 Lemon
    B-853 Lemon
  • B-852 Rose
    B-852 Rose
  • B-851 Light Grey
    B-851 Light Grey
  • B-850 Red
    B-850 Red
  • B-848 Purple Grey
    B-848 Purple Grey
  • B-847 Purple Blue
    B-847 Purple Blue
  • B-846 Bone
    B-846 Bone
  • B-845 Greystone
    B-845 Greystone
  • B-844 Dewberry
    B-844 Dewberry
  • B-843 Butternut
    B-843 Butternut
  • B-841 Alabaster
    B-841 Alabaster
  • B-840 Sea Mist
    B-840 Sea Mist
  • B-839 Mint
    B-839 Mint
  • B-838 Bisque
    B-838 Bisque
  • B-835 Yew Green
    B-835 Yew Green
  • B-834 Blue Ridge
    B-834 Blue Ridge
  • B-832 White
    B-832 White
  • B-831 Polo Tan
    B-831 Polo Tan
  • B-830 Cocoa Cream
    B-830 Cocoa Cream
  • B-829 Parchment
    B-829 Parchment
  • B-828 Navy Blue
    B-828 Navy Blue
  • B-826 Dove Grey
    B-826 Dove Grey
  • B-825 Gunmetal
    B-825 Gunmetal
  • B-824 Powder Blue
    B-824 Powder Blue
  • B-823 Cornsilk
    B-823 Cornsilk
  • B-822 Peach
    B-822 Peach
  • B-821 Paprika
    B-821 Paprika
  • B-817 Ovartin
    B-817 Ovartin
  • B-816 Classic Green
    B-816 Classic Green
  • B-815 Sea Foam
    B-815 Sea Foam
  • B-810 Rust
    B-810 Rust
  • B-809 Bark
    B-809 Bark
  • B-808 Nutmeg
    B-808 Nutmeg
  • B-807 Ivory
    B-807 Ivory
  • B-806 Ruby
    B-806 Ruby
  • B-805 Champagne
    B-805 Champagne
  • B-804 Black
    B-804 Black
  • B-803 Maise
    B-803 Maise
  • B-801 Deep Brown
    B-801 Deep Brown