Article: VEGAS

- thickness: 1.0 - 1.2 mm

- drum dyed natural vacuum-dried aniline leather

- average size per hide: Approx. 5 sq.m.


VEGAS - the unequalled natural sheen of this durable pure aniline leather is so brilliant that only unique and fine pieces of furniture can be created from this original leather. This sheen generated by special treatment is continously enhanced through use which makes VEGAS even more exclusive.

Colour and grain variations are possible due to the natural character of leather.

  • VA-7070 Sea Green
    VA-7070 Sea Green
  • VA-9265 Sekt
    VA-9265 Sekt
  • VA-2815 Ecru
    VA-2815 Ecru
  • VA-3811 Gold
    VA-3811 Gold
  • VA-2476
  • VA-2496 Camel
    VA-2496 Camel
  • VA-2488 Russet
    VA-2488 Russet
  • VA-2057 Braun
    VA-2057 Braun
  • VA-2040 Chocolate
    VA-2040 Chocolate
  • VA-3000 Asparagus
    VA-3000 Asparagus
  • VA-3007 Olive
    VA-3007 Olive
  • VA-2202 Smoke
    VA-2202 Smoke
  • VA-7032 Safari
    VA-7032 Safari
  • VA-5470 Ocean
    VA-5470 Ocean
  • VA-4458 Maroon
    VA-4458 Maroon
  • VA-4505
  • VA-6060 Purple
    VA-6060 Purple
  • VA-1414 Grey
    VA-1414 Grey
  • VA-0500 Black
    VA-0500 Black