- thickness: approx. 1.1 mm

- average size per hide: Approx. 5.50 - 6.00 sq.m.


NAPA SIMOA is a pure full grain aniline leather. It has been finished with transparent aniline dyes. All of the natural beauty of the hide is allowed to show through.

NAPA SIMOA is made from first choice West European hides with a thickness of approx. 1.1 mm and a size of 5.5 - 6.0 sq.m. (60 - 65 sq.ft.) Napa Simoa meets fire retardancy as per BS5852 part 1 for cigarette and match test.

This tanning process is ecologically safe, free of CFCs and naturally meets the strict German PCP norm.

  • SI-6951 Cotton
    SI-6951 Cotton
  • SI-3631 Bone
    SI-3631 Bone
  • SI-9251 Cream
    SI-9251 Cream
  • SI-3405 Marble
    SI-3405 Marble
  • SI-7651 Sage
    SI-7651 Sage
  • SI-7241 Corriander
    SI-7241 Corriander
  • SI-7033 Spruce
    SI-7033 Spruce
  • SI-4273 Cranberry
    SI-4273 Cranberry
  • SI-4403 Warmred
    SI-4403 Warmred
  • SI-2604 Beige
    SI-2604 Beige
  • SI-2603 Mais
    SI-2603 Mais
  • SI-2606 Saltine
    SI-2606 Saltine
  • SI-4406 Saddle
    SI-4406 Saddle
  • SI-2432 Curry
    SI-2432 Curry
  • SI-2624 Cognac
    SI-2624 Cognac
  • SI-2523 Tigereye
    SI-2523 Tigereye
  • SI-2488 Coffee
    SI-2488 Coffee
  • SI-2325 Chestnut
    SI-2325 Chestnut
  • SI-2610 Stone
    SI-2610 Stone
  • SI-2229 Brasil
    SI-2229 Brasil
  • SI-2001 Mocca
    SI-2001 Mocca
  • SI-2112 Briddle
    SI-2112 Briddle
  • SI-1242 Midnight
    SI-1242 Midnight
  • SI-1227 Pepper
    SI-1227 Pepper
  • SI-0500 Indigo
    SI-0500 Indigo
  • SI-6288 Darkblue
    SI-6288 Darkblue
  • SI-5410 Lightblue
    SI-5410 Lightblue
  • SI-5215 Stonewash
    SI-5215 Stonewash