Article: NAPLIN

- thickness: 1.0 - 1.2 mm

- average size per hide: Approx. 5.00 - 5.80 sq.m.


NAPLIN is a quality full grain leather offering excellent durability and a supple handle, making it ideal for almost all applications. The very fine pigmentation of the hide provides exceptional light resistance, enable easy cleaning and enhances the natural grain pattern.

- full grain, drum-through dyed

- ecologically safe, free PCP & CFCs

  • NA-9436 White
    NA-9436 White
  • NA-9215 Creme
    NA-9215 Creme
  • NA-7299 Forest
    NA-7299 Forest
  • NA-7651 Lightgreen
    NA-7651 Lightgreen
  • NA-7451 Petrol
    NA-7451 Petrol
  • NA-7241 Green
    NA-7241 Green
  • NA-7077 Classicgreen
    NA-7077 Classicgreen
  • NA-6888 Seagull
    NA-6888 Seagull
  • NA-6430 Bordeaux
    NA-6430 Bordeaux
  • NA-6289 Oxblood
    NA-6289 Oxblood
  • NA-6288 Aubergine
    NA-6288 Aubergine
  • NA-5215 Hellblau
    NA-5215 Hellblau
  • NA-5079 Dkl Blau
    NA-5079 Dkl Blau
  • NA-5005 Ocean
    NA-5005 Ocean
  • NA-4505 Rouge
    NA-4505 Rouge
  • NA-4403 Flashred
    NA-4403 Flashred
  • NA-4276 Burgundy
    NA-4276 Burgundy
  • NA-4273 Brickred
    NA-4273 Brickred
  • NA-3631 Bone
    NA-3631 Bone
  • NA-3553 Straw
    NA-3553 Straw
  • NA-3519 Toscana
    NA-3519 Toscana
  • NA-3405 Ivory
    NA-3405 Ivory
  • NA-3211 Oyster
    NA-3211 Oyster
  • NA-2624 Cognac
    NA-2624 Cognac
  • NA-2610 Stone
    NA-2610 Stone
  • NA-2506 Tan
    NA-2506 Tan
  • NA-2488 Coffee
    NA-2488 Coffee
  • NA-2440 Beige
    NA-2440 Beige
  • NA-2229 Lightbrown
    NA-2229 Lightbrown
  • NA-2201 Darkbrown
    NA-2201 Darkbrown
  • NA-2019 Mushroom
    NA-2019 Mushroom
  • NA-1652 Cotton
    NA-1652 Cotton
  • NA-1241 Grey
    NA-1241 Grey
  • NA-1227 Antrazit
    NA-1227 Antrazit
  • NA-0500 Black
    NA-0500 Black