Article: ANTI

- alternatively tanned (FOC)

- thickness: 0.9 - 1.3 mm

- average size per hide: Approx. 55 sq.ft.


ANTI is alternatively tanned (i.e. free of chrome). Leathers are produced in a more environmentally compatible way and offer significant advantages for producers, furniture manufacturers and end users with regard to waste disposal.

The leather is free from heavy metals and thus poses no hazard to people allergic to chromium or metals in general.

Fire retardancy meets BS-5852 crib 5 & EN1021 1+2 for cigarette and match test.

- natural grain without embossing

  • AN-56039 Mohn
    AN-56039 Mohn
  • AN-56001 Ivory
    AN-56001 Ivory
  • AN-56006 Wheat
    AN-56006 Wheat
  • AN-56012 Bone
    AN-56012 Bone
  • AN-56019 Fawn
    AN-56019 Fawn
  • AN-56011 Canyon
    AN-56011 Canyon
  • AN-56040 Green
    AN-56040 Green
  • AN-56022 Indigo
    AN-56022 Indigo
  • AN-56007 Tobacco
    AN-56007 Tobacco
  • AN-56017 Chocolate
    AN-56017 Chocolate
  • AN-56038 Cocoa
    AN-56038 Cocoa
  • AN-56003 Smoke
    AN-56003 Smoke
  • AN-56008 Charcoal
    AN-56008 Charcoal
  • AN-56100 Black
    AN-56100 Black