- thickness: 1.0 - 1.2 mm

- average size per hide: Approx. 5.00 - 5.50 sq.m.

CLASSIC NAPPA is drum-dyed full grained cow leather. Exclusive finishing makes this leather easy-care and dirt-repellent. Typical leather character - warm softly grip - feature this leather. CLASSIC NAPPA is long-living and needs few care - in short a classic.
  • CLASSIC-01 Weiss
    CLASSIC-01 Weiss
  • CLASSIC-02 Creme
    CLASSIC-02 Creme
  • CLASSIC-03 Sahara
    CLASSIC-03 Sahara
  • CLASSIC-04 Beige
    CLASSIC-04 Beige
  • CLASSIC-05 Toffee
    CLASSIC-05 Toffee
  • CLASSIC-06 Ocker
    CLASSIC-06 Ocker
  • CLASSIC-07 Zimt
    CLASSIC-07 Zimt
  • CLASSIC-08 Cognac
    CLASSIC-08 Cognac
  • CLASSIC-09 Horse
    CLASSIC-09 Horse
  • CLASSIC-10 Kastanie
    CLASSIC-10 Kastanie
  • CLASSIC-11 Coffee
    CLASSIC-11 Coffee
  • CLASSIC-12 Terra
    CLASSIC-12 Terra
  • CLASSIC-13 Schoko
    CLASSIC-13 Schoko
  • CLASSIC-14 Grizzly
    CLASSIC-14 Grizzly
  • CLASSIC-15 Gelb
    CLASSIC-15 Gelb
  • CLASSIC-16 Ginster
    CLASSIC-16 Ginster
  • CLASSIC-17 Terracotta
    CLASSIC-17 Terracotta
  • CLASSIC-18 Feuerrot
    CLASSIC-18 Feuerrot
  • CLASSIC-19 Marlbororot
    CLASSIC-19 Marlbororot
  • CLASSIC-20 Bordeaux
    CLASSIC-20 Bordeaux
  • CLASSIC-21 Rotonda
    CLASSIC-21 Rotonda
  • CLASSIC-22 Pistazie
    CLASSIC-22 Pistazie
  • CLASSIC-23 Tanne
    CLASSIC-23 Tanne
  • CLASSIC-24 Bottle
    CLASSIC-24 Bottle
  • CLASSIC-25 Petrol
    CLASSIC-25 Petrol
  • CLASSIC-26 Mausgrau
    CLASSIC-26 Mausgrau
  • CLASSIC-27 Grau
    CLASSIC-27 Grau
  • CLASSIC-28 Sky
    CLASSIC-28 Sky
  • CLASSIC-29 Ocean
    CLASSIC-29 Ocean
  • CLASSIC-30 Marine
    CLASSIC-30 Marine
  • CLASSIC-31 Blau
    CLASSIC-31 Blau
  • CLASSIC-32 Dark Blau
    CLASSIC-32 Dark Blau
  • CLASSIC-33 Tiefschwarz
    CLASSIC-33 Tiefschwarz