Article: RINGO

- thickness: 1.0 - 1.2 mm

- average size per hide: Approx. 5.00 - 5.50 sq.m.

RINGO is a pure aniline and natural cow leather. These for this article extra developed fatting makes the leather gentle and smooth. RINGO is a warm and softly leather with a distinctive grip. It is manufactured with the best colour - and fatting agents.
  • RG-5001 Red
    RG-5001 Red
  • RG-5002 Royal
    RG-5002 Royal
  • RG-5003 Orange
    RG-5003 Orange
  • RG-5005 Moss
    RG-5005 Moss
  • RG-5006 Vino
    RG-5006 Vino
  • RG-5007 Marine
    RG-5007 Marine
  • RG-5008 Lander
    RG-5008 Lander
  • RG-5009 Hellbraun
    RG-5009 Hellbraun
  • RG-5010 Whisky
    RG-5010 Whisky
  • RG-5011 Spice
    RG-5011 Spice
  • RG-5012 Mahogany
    RG-5012 Mahogany
  • RG-5013 Testa Di Moro
    RG-5013 Testa Di Moro
  • RG-5014 Mink
    RG-5014 Mink
  • RG-5015 Black
    RG-5015 Black