Article: JUMBO

- thickness: 1.8 - 2.0 mm

- average size per hide: Approx. 4.60 - 5.60 sq.m.


JUMBO is a grinded leather with a coarse embossing. It is very easy to clean and the finish is highly abrasion resistant. So it is very good suitable for high using conditions as well (also usable for object area).

JUMBO is much robust and especial suitable for households with children and pets. The very coarse grain tumble give these leather an expressive optic and it is excellent useful for large cuttings on cubic models.

  • JUMBO-01 Schwarz
    JUMBO-01 Schwarz
  • JUMBO-02 Nachtblau
    JUMBO-02 Nachtblau
  • JUMBO-03 Mocca
    JUMBO-03 Mocca
  • JUMBO-04 Sambia
    JUMBO-04 Sambia
  • JUMBO-05 Granat
    JUMBO-05 Granat
  • JUMBO-06 Kork
    JUMBO-06 Kork
  • JUMBO-07 Polarweiss
    JUMBO-07 Polarweiss
  • JUMBO-08 Ecrue
    JUMBO-08 Ecrue
  • JUMBO-09 Kaschmir
    JUMBO-09 Kaschmir
  • JUMBO-10 Cocos
    JUMBO-10 Cocos