Article: DERBY

- thickness: 1.0 - 1.2 mm

- average size per hide: 55 sq.ft.


DERBY is a full top grain protected aniline leather.

The hides selected for DERBY are chosen from the finest quality, cleanest European hides available. It is know for having a predominate, beautiful tight grain. After being drum-dyed, the hides receive a protective surface coating which is applied with a unique roller making them water and stain resistant. The leather then undergoes an extensive milling process making it very soft and supple.

  • DE-8888 White
    DE-8888 White
  • DE-6951 Sekt
    DE-6951 Sekt
  • DE-6952 Egg Shell
    DE-6952 Egg Shell
  • DE-3631 Bone
    DE-3631 Bone
  • DE-6774 Ivory
    DE-6774 Ivory
  • DE-3630 Cream
    DE-3630 Cream
  • DE-3563 Sand
    DE-3563 Sand
  • DE-9266 Bisque
    DE-9266 Bisque
  • DE-3562 Shell
    DE-3562 Shell
  • DE-2442 Beige
    DE-2442 Beige
  • DE-3513 Camel
    DE-3513 Camel
  • DE-2440 Butternut
    DE-2440 Butternut
  • DE-2844 Napalin Gold
    DE-2844 Napalin Gold
  • DE-3553 Sahara
    DE-3553 Sahara
  • DE-2624 Cognac
    DE-2624 Cognac
  • DE-2488 Almond
    DE-2488 Almond
  • DE-3524 Coffee
    DE-3524 Coffee
  • DE-2309 Bark
    DE-2309 Bark
  • DE-6758 Brown
    DE-6758 Brown
  • DE-8002 Dewberry
    DE-8002 Dewberry
  • DE-3552 Taupe
    DE-3552 Taupe
  • DE-2738 Mouve
    DE-2738 Mouve
  • DE-2735 Blush
    DE-2735 Blush
  • DE-2722 Salmon
    DE-2722 Salmon
  • DE-4625 Raspberry
    DE-4625 Raspberry
  • DE-4451 Rose
    DE-4451 Rose
  • DE-4510 S. Flame
    DE-4510 S. Flame
  • DE-3579 Red
    DE-3579 Red
  • DE-4406 Rust
    DE-4406 Rust
  • DE-4084 Burgundy
    DE-4084 Burgundy
  • DE-2229 Chestnut
    DE-2229 Chestnut
  • DE-8018 Dusty Jade
    DE-8018 Dusty Jade
  • DE-7605 China Green
    DE-7605 China Green
  • DE-2724 Teal
    DE-2724 Teal
  • DE-7243 Green
    DE-7243 Green
  • DE-8015 Blue Ridge
    DE-8015 Blue Ridge
  • DE-6633 Blue
    DE-6633 Blue
  • DE-8013 Greystone
    DE-8013 Greystone
  • DE-8014 Dove
    DE-8014 Dove
  • DE-9999 Black
    DE-9999 Black