Article : RANCHERO

- thickness: 0.9 - 1.1 mm

- average size per hide: Approx. 55 sq.ft.


RANCHERO is a pure aniline natural finish cow leather with distinctively grip. It is stain-secured by impregnation. Produced with high quality colour and fatting agents.

- Chrome tanned, drum-through dyed

  • RA-9805 Nuss
    RA-9805 Nuss
  • RA-9804 Whisky
    RA-9804 Whisky
  • RA-9806 Kastanie
    RA-9806 Kastanie
  • RA-9802 Bordeaux
    RA-9802 Bordeaux
  • RA-9807 Braun
    RA-9807 Braun
  • RA-9803 Marine
    RA-9803 Marine
  • RA-9808 Dunkelbraun
    RA-9808 Dunkelbraun
  • RA-9801 Petrol
    RA-9801 Petrol
  • RA-9809 Black
    RA-9809 Black