Article: TOSCANA

- thickness: 1.0 - 1.2 mm

- average size per hide: 55 sq.ft.


TOSCANA is the most exciting finished upholstery leather Drum-dyed and nappasoft tannage. Proivides the traditional Schweizer features.

All 1st Quality Leathers are produced with the most advanced technological processes and meet all environmental requirements. Hides are tanned using only high-quality, natural mineral tanning agents.

This tanning process is ecologically safe, free of CFCs and naturally meets the strict German PCP norm.

TOSCANA complies with BS 7176:1995 Amendment No. 1: 2003 For medium hazard.

  • T-5461 Royal Blue
    T-5461 Royal Blue
  • T-3536 White
    T-3536 White
  • T-9215 Egg Shell
    T-9215 Egg Shell
  • T-4431 Champagne
    T-4431 Champagne
  • T-3559 Parchment
    T-3559 Parchment
  • T-911 Ivory
    T-911 Ivory
  • T-8410 Lemon
    T-8410 Lemon
  • T-8022 Peach
    T-8022 Peach
  • T-3580 Cocoa Cream
    T-3580 Cocoa Cream
  • T-6108 Beige
    T-6108 Beige
  • T-3514 Sand
    T-3514 Sand
  • T-6111 Polo Tan
    T-6111 Polo Tan
  • T-8006 Butternut
    T-8006 Butternut
  • T-6302 Bone
    T-6302 Bone
  • T-8011 Bisque
    T-8011 Bisque
  • T-6110 Taupe
    T-6110 Taupe
  • T-8002 Dewberry
    T-8002 Dewberry
  • T-3573 Raspberry
    T-3573 Raspberry
  • T-4627 Tomato
    T-4627 Tomato
  • T-4628 Rose
    T-4628 Rose
  • T-3512 Lipstick
    T-3512 Lipstick
  • T-6268 Crimson
    T-6268 Crimson
  • T-6173 Maroon
    T-6173 Maroon
  • T-3576 Demi Red
    T-3576 Demi Red
  • T-6105 Wine
    T-6105 Wine
  • T-2504 Hermes
    T-2504 Hermes
  • T-6101 Rust
    T-6101 Rust
  • T-3809 Earth
    T-3809 Earth
  • T-4428 Rum
    T-4428 Rum
  • T-4429 Biber
    T-4429 Biber
  • T-3519 Bark
    T-3519 Bark
  • T-4430 Braun
    T-4430 Braun
  • T-3517 Espresso
    T-3517 Espresso
  • T-3551 Mint
    T-3551 Mint
  • T-7605 China Green
    T-7605 China Green
  • T-6267 Sea Foam
    T-6267 Sea Foam
  • T-8041 Yew Green
    T-8041 Yew Green
  • T-6199 Classic Green
    T-6199 Classic Green
  • T-6100 Powder Blue
    T-6100 Powder Blue
  • T-8018 Dusty Jade
    T-8018 Dusty Jade
  • T-8089 Purple Grey
    T-8089 Purple Grey
  • T-8015 Blue Ridge
    T-8015 Blue Ridge
  • T-3605 Navy Blue
    T-3605 Navy Blue
  • T-8088 Purple Blue
    T-8088 Purple Blue
  • T-8019 Alabaster
    T-8019 Alabaster
  • T-1889 Light Grey
    T-1889 Light Grey
  • T-3581 Dove Grey
    T-3581 Dove Grey
  • T-8013 Greystone
    T-8013 Greystone
  • T-1466 Graphite
    T-1466 Graphite
  • T-8014 Dove
    T-8014 Dove
  • T-6127 Gunmetal
    T-6127 Gunmetal
  • T-9999 Black
    T-9999 Black