Article : LUXURY

- thickness: 1.8 - 2.0 mm

- average size per hide: Approx. 5.00 sq.m.


LUXURY is a master product of old tanning tradition coupled with the newest leather technologies only the best South German bull hides are processed into LUXURY. Despite of this strength luxury is held very flat and has a fantastic depth effect. Just a minimum aniline finish makes LUXURY so transparent. This is an article for fanciers from fanciers of craftsmanship. LUXURY enquires to our premium segment.

  • LX-0500 Black
    LX-0500 Black
  • LX-2030 Testa Di Moro
    LX-2030 Testa Di Moro
  • LX-4403 Red
    LX-4403 Red
  • LX-2323 Sierra
    LX-2323 Sierra
  • LX-4066 Ebano
    LX-4066 Ebano
  • LX-2524 Bruciato
    LX-2524 Bruciato
  • LX-4406 Aragosta
    LX-4406 Aragosta
  • LX-4288 Bordeaux
    LX-4288 Bordeaux
  • LX-2468 Siena
    LX-2468 Siena
  • LX-2418 Miele
    LX-2418 Miele
  • LX-6088 Deep Purple
    LX-6088 Deep Purple
  • LX-3405 Muschel
    LX-3405 Muschel
  • LX-7038 Visone
    LX-7038 Visone
  • LX-7033 Umbra
    LX-7033 Umbra