Article : CLUB

- thickness: 2.0 - 2.2 mm

- average size per hide: Approx. 5.00 - 5.50 sq.m.


CLUB is a very robust and indestructible thick leather. The leather get a unique structure by the strength: a rough and concise grain of tumble give CLUB its personal and distinctive handwriting. The natural surface and just a slight pigmentation makes every hide to a gift of nature.

  • CU-3631 Champagne
    CU-3631 Champagne
  • CU-1650 Off white
    CU-1650 Off white
  • CU-8403 Gelb
    CU-8403 Gelb
  • CU-2616 Caramel
    CU-2616 Caramel
  • CU-4406 Rost
    CU-4406 Rost
  • CU-2418 Natur
    CU-2418 Natur
  • CU-2414 Nuss
    CU-2414 Nuss
  • CU-2506 Kastanie
    CU-2506 Kastanie
  • CU-4005 Chateau-rot
    CU-4005 Chateau-rot
  • CU-4276 Flamenco-rot
    CU-4276 Flamenco-rot
  • CU-7033 Zeder
    CU-7033 Zeder
  • CU-5215 Marine
    CU-5215 Marine
  • CU-1227 Anthrazit
    CU-1227 Anthrazit
  • CU-2219 Sattelbraun
    CU-2219 Sattelbraun
  • CU-2201 Brazil
    CU-2201 Brazil
  • CU-0500 Black
    CU-0500 Black