Article : PALERMO

- thickness: 1.2 - 1.4 mm

- average size per hide: Approx. 4.40 - 4.80 sq.m.


PALERMO is a fine grained thick leather of high quality. PALERMO is vacuumed and this let it be very fine grained and elegant. It is just provided with a slight and transparent finish what the natural charisma obtained. But is is protected for every day use as well.

  • PALERMO-01 Schwarz
    PALERMO-01 Schwarz
  • PALERMO-02 Dunkelbraun
    PALERMO-02 Dunkelbraun
  • PALERMO-03 Nuss
    PALERMO-03 Nuss
  • PALERMO-04 Rosso
    PALERMO-04 Rosso
  • PALERMO-05 Orange
    PALERMO-05 Orange
  • PALERMO-06 Pistazie
    PALERMO-06 Pistazie
  • PALERMO-07 Beige
    PALERMO-07 Beige
  • PALERMO-08 Weiss
    PALERMO-08 Weiss
  • PALERMO-09 Silbergrau
    PALERMO-09 Silbergrau