Article : SILVER

- thickness: 1.8 - 2.0 mm

- average size per hide: Approx. 4.50 sq.m.+


SILVER is a leather of absolute top quality and out of the best Southern German bull hides. It is especially characterized by its incomparable fully and softly grip. In spite of the high strength SILVER is keeping flat and elegant and stands out of its high charisma. SILVER has a unique haptic that means that this grip a thin leather never can get. It belongs to our best products and it can be processed by specialists only. SILVER is made for high seating comfort. It is a first-class aniline leather with a slighty wax finish. It is beautifully soft and full breathable.

SILVER is made by a master hand for all leather fanciers-A GIFT OF NATURE!!!

  • Silver-01 Hellbraun
    Silver-01 Hellbraun
  • Silver-02 Cognac
    Silver-02 Cognac
  • Silver-03 Melange
    Silver-03 Melange
  • Silver-04 Creme
    Silver-04 Creme
  • Silver-05 Muschel
    Silver-05 Muschel
  • Silver-06 Basalt
    Silver-06 Basalt
  • Silver-07 Smoke
    Silver-07 Smoke
  • Silver-08 Elefanto
    Silver-08 Elefanto
  • Silver-09 Marone
    Silver-09 Marone
  • Silver-10 Chianti
    Silver-10 Chianti
  • Silver-11 Schoko
    Silver-11 Schoko
  • Silver-12 Dunkelbraun
    Silver-12 Dunkelbraun
  • Silver-13 Schwarz
    Silver-13 Schwarz