Article : TRIBE

- thickness: 1.4 - 1.6 mm

- average size per hide: Approx. 5.00 sq.m.


TRIBE is a hand-carved article who is living of his two-tone colouring. We don't speak about antique leather intendedly. TRIBE is special article and combines excellence old tanning traditions with new technologies. Although TRIBE is whetted the leather have very good abrasion values. TRIBE uniquely and every hide is handmade with attention to the details.

  • TB-0500 Superblack
    TB-0500 Superblack
  • TB-3211 Stone
    TB-3211 Stone
  • TB-2604 Bernstein
    TB-2604 Bernstein
  • TB-2610 Fango
    TB-2610 Fango
  • TB-7299 Oliv
    TB-7299 Oliv
  • TB-1652 White
    TB-1652 White
  • TB-3553 Zafferano
    TB-3553 Zafferano
  • TB-2800 Capreuva
    TB-2800 Capreuva
  • TB-2688 Testa di moro
    TB-2688 Testa di moro
  • TB-4276 Ibisco
    TB-4276 Ibisco
  • TB-6602 Prugna
    TB-6602 Prugna
  • TB-7452 Salvia
    TB-7452 Salvia
  • TB-7343 Notte
    TB-7343 Notte