Article: MONTANA X

- thickness: 1.4 - 1.6 mm

- average size per hide: Approx. 55 sq.ft.


MONTANA X - Supersoft heavy-weight leather with unique touch.

Natural grain with a cloudy two-tone effect and a light surface protection.

- natural aniline heavy-weight leather

- drum dyed, cloudy two-tone effect

- ecologically safe, free of PCP, PCB and CFCs

  • M-2213 Braun
    M-2213 Braun
  • M-2513 Rust
    M-2513 Rust
  • M-5150 Blue Ridge
    M-5150 Blue Ridge
  • M-4223 Burgundy
    M-4223 Burgundy
  • M-2834 Gold
    M-2834 Gold
  • M-0500 Black
    M-0500 Black
  • M-9266 Bisque
    M-9266 Bisque
  • M-2488 Whisky
    M-2488 Whisky
  • M-7294 Yew Green
    M-7294 Yew Green
  • M-5284 Purple
    M-5284 Purple
  • M-4468 Paprika
    M-4468 Paprika