Article : BRIDGE

- thickness: 1.1 - 1.3 mm

- average size per hide: Approx. 4.80 sq.m.


BRIDGE, high quality aniline leather with a fine grain and pull up effect. The only wax-based and then ironed finish gives this leather typ the silky sheen of a typical saddle leather.

  • Bridge-01 Black
    Bridge-01 Black
  • Bridge-02 Toscano
    Bridge-02 Toscano
  • Bridge-03 Vintage
    Bridge-03 Vintage
  • Bridge-04 Mahagony
    Bridge-04 Mahagony
  • Bridge-05 Dunkel Braun
    Bridge-05 Dunkel Braun
  • Bridge-06 Burgundy
    Bridge-06 Burgundy
  • Bridge-07 Bordeaux
    Bridge-07 Bordeaux
  • Bridge-08 Rosso
    Bridge-08 Rosso
  • Bridge-09 Chestnut
    Bridge-09 Chestnut
  • Bridge-10 Cappuccino
    Bridge-10 Cappuccino
  • Bridge-11 Pistazie
    Bridge-11 Pistazie
  • Bridge-12 Orange
    Bridge-12 Orange